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Have You Any Idea What Cortana Is?

Have you figured out what Cortana is? According to who you ask, you might get told that Cortana is actually a 'who' as opposed to a 'what.' If you know who Siri or Alexa is, you no doubt know who Cortana is. She's the voice interface of brand new devices and technology from Microsoft in response to similar features from Apple and also other competitors. While each has their particular distinct variations, they're all just about merely a way for you to access various features, commands, and data by speaking with, and often with, your technology.

Apple is widely credited for starting voice interface technology over a large scale with implement Siri in their popular iPhone series. Microsoft now follows suit with Cortana. Unlike Siri, however, Cortana existed previously. She began in the Halo video game series as a non-playable character. She was an artificial intelligence that usually joined the Masterchief on his campaigns and adventures from the alien Covenant forces and other enemies threatening humanity later on. Cortana was a central character for your first four installments on this popular computer game franchise, which has long been only at Microsoft's Xbox group of xbox game consoles.

Many people who video gamed this series are actually quite very happy to see Cortana represented this way, and love interacting with her. This thrill is actually not present for everyone who has not yet enjoyed the games or ever played them, given that Cortana appears like the next virtual assistant. Still, the reality that Microsoft is mimicking Apple in the own version of Siri is actually a evidence of the success of Siri, and also voice access and technology. The real cortana help life Cortana is unquestionably no actual artificial intelligence, but it is one step toward how people interface with the technology around them.