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About is a company Which Allows users to search, find, Personalize, and watch television shows and movies across all available streaming services and providers in a single location, at no cost.

How Does This Work?

According to their website, audiences know that the TV shows and movies They would like to see are available somewhere online, but having the ability to find what you want to see if you need to see it's not always simple. solves this problem by pulling all the shows individuals Want to see out of their various suppliers and collecting them in a single location. They claim to offer more than one million videos, in an attempt to make it easy to find your favorites.

And for clients who are not sure what they wish to watch, they Offer simple organization by provider and genre. In addition, if you make a personalized profile, then they can offer you recommendations of movies and shows which you might like based on your other tastes.

They can also offer their members information about their Favorite displays, such as daily or weekly email when new clips or episodes can be found, as soon as your favourite shows have been in the news, and much more.

Cost/Price Plans repeatedly emphasizes their service is completely free. No charges paid anytime will be collected by Yidio themselves.

But Some of the articles on their website can simply be Obtained if you've got a subscription to the service that's providing that content. In order to observe these shows, you'll be asked either to register for a subscription or to take part in a free trial assistance, but all fees are likely to external suppliers and not to

Refund Policy

Since this company makes it obvious that they do not require any fees from Their clients, they don't offer you any Refund Policy. In case you have signed up for a subscription or trial from a supplier that was recorded on their website, you need to contact that website or provider directly in order to cancel your trial or your own subscription, or to discuss any potential refunds.

Customers who would like to contact Customer Support with any Questions, concerns, or complaints can do this by submitting them directly to their site through their Contact Us link.


This complaints aren't exactly accurate. does supply Free services, however, the bottom line is that so many of their shows are taken from subscription based services that very little on their site or mobile app can really be viewed at no cost.

If you are a customer that currently has accounts for Hulu, then Netflix, and Amazon Prime, you're very likely to love this service over other users, since a broader selection of content will be available for you to watch. If you are somebody who's looking for access to content without having to cover this, then this service is not really for you, as it is not a pirating service — it's simply an aggregate service.

Competitors and Alternatives?

As mentioned above, this company doesn't actually offer any content Themselves; all of their articles is pulled from other suppliers. The only service they offer is the capability to have access to all the content in a single location. So if that is not really the internet TV or movie service you were searching for, then you are going to have to look elsewhere.